Viernes, Octubre 19, 2018
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Parts of a castle

Unit 2. The Feudalism. Material

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Way of Saint James

Romanesque art. Video

Video about Romanesque art


Medieval battle

You can imagine how a medieval batlle was if you watch the next  scene from a historical movie as Braveheart. This movie is dbased on the figure of William Wallace  an scottish  independence heroe at the end of the 13th century.
The first video is about the Stirling battle when scottish people led by William  Wallace defeated English army of the kinh Edward the First. The English army was commanded by John de Warenne, VII conde de Surrey, y Hugh de Cressingham, and they were more numerous than scottish forces .



Battfe of Stirling . William Wallace from cine mundo contemporaneo on Vimeo.

The second video describe the battle of Falkirk when scottish army was defeated by English forces and the rebellion was crushed   



Battle of Falkirk. William Wallace from cine mundo contemporaneo on Vimeo.